Karma Energy Ltd. was incorporated in 2007 as "Karma Wind Power Private Limited". Karma Energy is a part of the Weizmann Group with business interests in Textile Processing and Exports and FinTech. As part of its commitment to sustainable business growth, the group ventured into the Renewable Energy sector by developing wind farms and small hydro power projects. The group also undertook the manufacture of Wind Electric Generators through a joint venture collaboration.

In 2010, the Silver Jubilee Year of the Weizmann group, the group completed a restructuring exercise and the resultant companies were rechristened as Weizmann Forex Limited and Karma Energy Limited respectively Post restructuring process, Karma Energy Limited spearheads the development of Renewable Energy Sector viz. Wind Power, Small Hydro Power of the Group. The Power Projects are spread over Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.